3 Profitable Side Hustles One Can Do In Right Now Along With A Regular 9 – 5 Salary Job In 2022

In this post, I share 3 Profitable Side Hustles One Can Do In Right Now Along With A Regular 9 – 5 Salary Job

Last week, I had over 33 people asking me about a side hustle that one can do with their current 9 -5 jobs

So instead of sharing it to them alone, I decided to share it with you too

These three side hustle business I’m about to reveal to you all have one good thing in common; you don’t need to hire anybody to manage them for you. 

These are;

1. Mini – Importation: 

This is a huge business opportunity for Nigerians. 

There are tons of mini-importers who import stuff from China for a very cheap price and sell them for huge profits. I have also made some money doing this too.

However, in recent times, everybody, including their Grandmothers, want to become mini – importers, bringing in almost the same products into the market. 

Because of this, most of them are dropping the price range of their products in order to sell more than their competitors. 

Poor them I say. The profits that are supposed to be theirs, would be sacrificed just to make a sale. I doubt if they can ever get rich like that.

2. Consulting / Brokerage

Consulting is a huge business model that can make you really rich in a short time

I do this a lot myself, but you require EXPERIENCE to even have any hope of making it. Companies pay me big money to advise them.

But here is the thing; no one will pay you this money if you do not have the experience in any field

And to get the experience you need to have worked in the area you want to consult for some time.

3. Affiliate Marketing; 

An affiliate marketing is simply helping other businesses to market their products in exchange for a commission based on percentages. 

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create any product, you don’t need to hire anybody, you don’t need any customer service, you don’t need any company name registration or academic qualifications for you to make money 

For example, on Jumia/Konga – you can sign up as an affiliate to sell a Samsung Galaxy phone and they will give you 2% of each sale you make. So, if the Samsung phone is N100,000 for instance, when you sell one, you will get paid N2000.

You can also market digital products too that make commissions for every sale you make. That is who I started and still doing it till date

Now that you have seen all of these, you might be a little bit confused on which of these businesses to start. 

Of all the business model available, the one I will highly recommend for anyone, is Selling Other Peoples Product As An Affiliate (aka Affiliate Marketing)

And the reason is that, with it, you don’t need to create any product, you don’t need to import anything, no need for complicated stuff.

All you need to do is, simply recommend the product of your choice and get paid commissions for every sale made through you.

However, as easy as this, lots of people still complicate it, especially the gurus.

But I have a super resource that will help you to build your own affiliate marketing business even if you dont know where to begin.

To get access to this right now, click HERE to fill the form so that I can send it to you

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