7 Fat Lôss Reasons For Eating Frequent Meals!

7 Fat Lôss Reasons For Eating Frequent Meals!

7 Fat Lôss Reasons For Eating Frequent Meals!

Today, you will learn 7 reasons why you should eat
more frequently to effectively Lôse excess fat.

Here they are:

  1. Your metabolic rate increases

Every other process that the body does
requires energy e.g breathing, thinking,
beating of your heart, creating new cells,
even digestion. Some of the calories
in the foods you eat are burned off just
to digest them,so the net amount of
calories absorbed is actually
less than the amount contained in the food.

  1. You experience little or no binges
    (over-feeding) and control cravings If you’re
    eating every three or four
    hours, you’ll always feel very satisfied
    and hunger willrarely be an issue because
    mealtime always comes around so soon.
7 Fat Lôss Reasons For Eating Frequent Meals!

The starving and stuffing pattern of
eating sets you up for uncontrollable
cravings and massive binges later on.
When blood sugar plummets from long
periods without food,it’s nearly
impossible to control the hormonally created
hunger that follows.

You become ravenous. When you’re this
hungry, you couldn’t care less about
eating lean proteins and complex carbs,
you just want food and you want it now!

3.Your blood sugar and insulin levels
This is very, very and highly important
for fat loss.
When you eat carbohydrates, they’re
digested and absorbed
into the bloodstream in the form of
glucose (blood sugar).
This triggers the pancreas to release
the hormone insulin.

  1. Your energy levels increase

Here’s one of the first benefits
you’ll notice from following
the 30 Dayschallenge diet plan;
Your energy will skyrocket
almost overnight. Changes in your
body composition will take
place slowly though steadily, but
starting on the very first
week you begin the program, you’ll
get the instant gratification
of having more energy than you’ve
ever felt before.

  1. You help promote your muscle growth
    by regulating insulin
    levels and providing a steady flow
    of amino acids into muscle
    cells since frequent meals are anabolic.

6. Frequent meals are ANTI-CATABOLIC:

They help promote muscle growth by preventing
muscle breakdown (you stay in
positive nitrogen balance)

  1. You store less body fat due to
    smaller portions.

Eating small, frequent meals helps
prevent you from
over-consuming calories through
simple portion control.
You always gain fat from one single
huge meal no matter
what else you do after that.

So you can see, there are benefits
to frequent eating.

Have you started this eating plan?

Well, you will need a guide, and
the 30days challenge
diet plan product is a perfect one.


A lot of questions have been coming in asking
me about
causes of belly fat and how safe it is when
left unattended to.

In my next newsletter, I shall open your
eyes to the reasons
why excess belly fat can be deadly.

Next email shall be part 1 of the series
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So in the meantime, go ahead and
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