About Us

I am Ayodeji Oladeji Charles,
Mostly known as Mr. AOC

I am a serial entrepreneur, The Co-founder of Aocsavers Nigeria at www.aocsavers.com and the Chief-trainer at www.naijamarketingpro.com.

I am a lifestyle entrepreneur. I train. I coach. I write. I mentor people throughout the world who wants to start their own businesses from the scratch and people who are ready to take full ownership of their lives.

I’ve mentored people from all walks of life to be successful beyond their wildest dreams: Students, Stay at Home Moms, Waiters, Doctors, Lawyers and Engineers. It doesn’t matter your background, I’ve helped someone like you build a life that they dream of but had no idea where to start.

Want me to mentor you?

Send me a Whatsapp message here +2348030609917, With the message: Mr AOC, Please, I’d like you to Mentor me.

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