Are you looking for a guide to prospecting on Instagram?


In this post, I share a guide to prospecting on Instagram.

Social media presents network marketers with unmatched business opportunities.

However, most network marketers are either slow off their mark or oblivious to the developments that take place around them.

Take the case of business owners on Instagram, for instance; it’s a place where you tend to have a lot of followers but no real leads or conversions.


So, are you taking advantage of the marketing opportunities in hand?

Is it a typical case of not knowing where to prospect?

Either way, if you are not converting your Instagram followers into solid leads, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to scale your network marketing business.

Conquering Instagram is like a prerequisite for taking control of your future as a network marketer.

Why should you use Instagram for Network Marketing? 

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Today Instagram is home to over a billion users.


You are looking at potential prospects who could step up your game in network marketing. 

Even if you aren’t one of those Instagram users who is really killing it, you can still be successful.

Check out our Instagram hacks for effective prospecting, building trust, and generating quality leads. 

Publishing engaging posts on your Instagram feed

Instagram is a platform that thrives on user engagement.

So, what are you doing to keep your followers engaged?

To begin with, find out what you should publish to ensure engagement.

You dispense with insecurities and think of creative ways to connect with your audience.

Firstly, nobody has a perfect life and what you see on the surface may not necessarily reflect internal realities.

The idea is to start somewhere.

You are bound to stumble across posts that may appear too good to be true.

You should resist the urge to play the comparison game as it could easily undermine your confidence. 

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Don’t worry about how followers will receive your posts.

Make sure you have a clear-cut grasp of the message you’re trying to convey.

More importantly, publish content 4 to 5 times a week with great emphasis on consistency in your creatives and designs.

Don’t hesitate to share your light-hearted moments with followers.

Share and save your stories on Instagram camera.    

Sharing moving stories with your followers

In the business world, people don’t trust you unless you can connect with them.

There is no better way to build your credibility and reputation than sharing your stories with followers.

The power of storytelling can undoubtedly bring you closer to people.

Even if you think that your account is not worth telling, you will never quite find out until you share it with others.

So don’t wait for your life to get more interesting to start sharing your stories.

People are always eager to learn about your accounts.

They want to know the struggles you bore and obstacles you removed in the process of reaching your individual goals.

They want to see how authentic you are, and they are always seeking inspiration in places where they least expect.

You can chip in with your personal success stories in network marketing to inspire your followers.

Show them how you braved the bumpy ride, took things in your stride and came out victorious at the end.

So don’t be shy, tell them your story. It’s now or never! 

Looking for ways to tap into people’s heart by telling your stories effectively? Check out these tips: 

1. What are you trying to represent? 

People are interested in finding out what you stand for and represent. What are you trying to say to the world?

It’s essential for you to make a stand, and do so with conviction. 

2. Telling your real-life story

Just any run-of-the-mill story wouldn’t quite cut it.

You should structure your story with proper explanation, conflict and resolution.

Make sure to share the most personal story that will really resonate with your followers.  

3. Create polls to make things engaging 

Are you racking your brains to find out what you should do next for your next video?

You could run a poll on Instagram and get your followers to make suggestions.

It’s a perfect way to make things more engaging on your Instagram feed. 

4. Invite followers to Q&A sessions

Invite your followers to ask you any questions on specific topics.

It will generate more engagement for your content, while at the same time allowing you to record yourself in the process.

It should also ensure enhanced interaction all over your Instagram feed.  

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5. Get followers to send messages. 

Encourage the followers of your stories to send you messages.

How can you do that? Well, you will find a ‘send message’ icon below your story.

To get people to send you messages, you should include a message that may trigger an action from users.

Could it be a simple question along the lines of “did you find this information helpful?” Send me one message that says Yes”.

It’s an effective way to have conversations and launch prospecting. 

Repurposing your content to best effect

Not everyone has the time and energy to create brand-new content for Instagram.

But that’s all right.

It’s a problem faced by most Instagram marketers and there is a way around it. 

When you don’t have a lot of time in hands, repurposing your content can work miracles.

Let’s say you are in the habit of going live on Facebook.

The next time you go live on Facebook, you may want to double task it with an Instagram live.

In the end, you have at your disposal a long piece of video content that can be repurposed or edited for various needs.

You can edit the long video into short clips or publish it on your Instagram feed. The options are endless. 

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Using hashtags to boost business opportunities 

You may be familiar with a plethora of strategies used for getting the best out of hashtags.

You have been told to include 28-29 hashtags in a post. Using just 5-10 specific set of hashtags can yield better results.

Some urge you to tuck all your hashtags within the caption.

At any rate, all you can do is keep experimenting until you find the right combination.

It may even take you weeks to get desired results.

Remember that it is the only way to find out what connects with the audience.

So experiment and make all the necessary tweaks to your hashtag usage.   

Attracting the right audience 

Only a few things generate more engagement on Instagram than humorous content.

Similarly, humour can be effectively used to prospect on Instagram. How do you do that?

Well, as long as you create content that is both funny and authentic, you are on the right path.

Set up a poll documenting your product and ask followers funny questions that they can’t resist. 


Let’s say you’re selling a health drink that helps people with weight loss.

Your poll may ask questions like “Are you looking shed a few lbs? And set up answers like “yeah” and “No, I’m good”.


Irrespective of their response, this is the place where you’re expected to put on your creative cap and strive towards striking up an engaging discussion about your product. 

Instagram is one of the best places where you can scale your network marketing business.

And when done correctly with the right guidance, you certainly carry out some quality prospecting and generate leads.  


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I hope this is helpful to you?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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