Are you looking for how to save money on lockdown? Expert reveals how to save money on lockdown in today’s post.

It’s no news the federal government in some states has already increased the days for the lockdown already and a lot panic is going on already due to no activities going on that will bring in more income.

I care about your financial well being so; here are some tips to help you save more and still live right even in this tough times.

1) Buy In Bulk: This is not the time to buy things in little pieces. Buying in bulk will help you shop more and save money while getting same thing you buy on high price before.

That’s not all, you won’t be going to the store regularly like you use to before hence, saving more from transportation fare.

2) Pay Cash: Its also advisable you pay cash.

Avoids using credit card in order not to pay for something you didn’t plan for.


3) Cook Your Meal: Another way to save more now is by cooking your meal.

If you are like me that don’t like cooking often I understand but this will not just help you save money, but will also help you eat healthy.

4) Earn More To Save More: Another way to save more now is by earning more.

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But how do you earn money during lockdown?

You can’t go out, we are all home.

I want you to know that since we can’t go out but we can still work remotely and that is why we need to do the 21st century business which is Network Marketing

By this we use 1% of our energy and 99% of other people’s energy.

This is why it is easy and within a short time people breakthrough in network marketing than other conventional businesses or career

So quickly let me introduce my company to you which is Jamalife Helpers Global.

This is a company a brother introduce to me  in the year 2018.

After which I did all my research on the company and I found it to be true, I decided to register and started my business big time

All this being said is for you to know that Network Marketing works and it brings Good Life to those that partake in it

You may have had some ugly experiences and the past about network marketing, very true!

But I can assure you that some companies truly works in the industry.

So he that can’t let go of his past is not entitled to lay hold on his future.

My desire for you is that the greatness we seek shall come sooner than we expect

Forbes Magazine conducted her research to know the industry that has produced the largest number of millionaires in the world. 

And from their research IT industry was rated number 1 and network marketing was rated number 2.

You and I know that for us to be very rich to invest in the IT industry we need huge capital, the next industry to consider in the list of billionaire maker is Network Marketing

Donald Trump one of the world’s foremost billionaires was once interviewed and he was asked what would he do if he were to start over again.

He he responded by saying I will look for a good network marketing company and join.

The world operates by principles, when you do what the rich do very soon you become very rich


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