Are you thinking about how to find network marketing team member that will sky rocket your business?


Or are you like Valentine who keeps saying, I have done all I know and I am getting frustrated, how do I  find network marketing team members Mr AOC?

In this training I will share exactly tips to finding the right network marketing team members

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Do you find it exhausting to getting new team members or trying to keep your team members motivated?

Can I tell you something, you’re not alone!

But, It’s not as hard as you might think to increase your production in your network marketing business.

To promote your products, you need to develop a marketing plan the same as you would for any other business.

That starts by knowing who the most likely buyer of your product/services are, finding where they are so you can market to them, and then creating marketing materials to put in front of them.

Building a team of business builders is slightly different.

While many of your customers may decide to start their own business, you can also market for people who are looking to start a home business.

How do you find potential network marketing team members?

As a network marketer, you carefully choose your teammates with as much care. 

Like marketing your product or service, you need to determine a few things about your ideal team member before you get started.

You’ll be training and spending a lot of time with your team, so you want to be sure you find people who are the right fit for you and the business.

Consider the following details.

Type of personality – Do they get along well with others from all walks of life?

Do they only share funny, G-Rated jokes?

Level of education – Does it matter if they have a high school diploma or college degree?

Past/current employment – Are they currently employed so they have working capital?

Do they have a hard time keeping a job?

Life goals- Are they looking to better their lives and want to help others do the same?

Are they seeking to live by their own schedules?

Type of family- Are they single, married, with or without children?

How many people do they have to share their schedules with?

While there is no right or wrong network marketer, you want to have people on your team who are coachable and you relate to. 

These should be people like you who are committed and will follow through on the goals they set for themselves.

You want team members who believe in the business, are positive role models, and present themselves as professionals no matter where they spend their time, whether that be at another job, church or a community event.

Finding Potential Team Members

1. Focus On the People Who Show the Most Potential

Network marketing is not an easy business and realistically, not everyone will succeed up to their potential.

Seek out people with an entrepreneurial mindset, magnetic people who influence others, and people who will naturally benefit from partnering with you.

These are your “power partners” and they will be the movers and shakers within your organization.

You will benefit most from recruiting the right people, not the ones you have to convince.

If a person has to be convinced to join, that’s the first red flag that this is not the right fit for them.

Spending most of your training and mentoring energy on your “power partners” will yield the greatest returns.

2. Have Your Own Website. 

Many companies offer a website to their reps.

If you’re allowed, consider starting a blog or your own website so you can stand apart from the crowd of thousands of other reps.

Some companies have teams of reps that have their own websites too.

But again, you’ll be getting a website like a ton of other people, which can make it hard for people to pick you over someone else.

Having your own website also makes it easy to have an email list.

You should develop a lead magnet based on what you’re offering.

In the case of team members, it should be something related to starting a home business. (Note, you can use this for getting customers as well, but in this case you’d focus on what your products/services offered, such as health and wellness.)

3. Use The Social Media. 

Like any other business, you can build relationships through social media.

Don’t simply post, “start a home business with me.”

Instead, you want to become a resource for successful home business ownership.

People choose their sponsor in network marketing.

They’re looking for someone who is successful, knowledgeable and helpful.

You can show all of that through social media.

4. Teach Your Downlines To Do What You Do!

If you don’t follow this, then you’ll always be depended on—and that sucks!

When they ask questions, send them to a tool to find the answer.

You want to point them in the right direction and empower them, NOT enable them!

The best thing you could do is to be their “tour guide” so they could do their own due diligence.

“Teach to teach” means you are completely duplicatable to the next person, so your business will go on, with or without you.

Would you want to be on the phone for 30 minutes with someone or take 5 seconds to point them to a training, video, blog you already created to answer their question?

Think about that!

5. Network and referrals. 

Whether you meet people online or in person, they may not be interested in your business, but they might know someone who is.

Develop a system of building relationships through your network and asking for referrals.

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