NEW POST: My N500k Per Month Income Plan

The post you are about to read wasn’t written by me.

NEW POST: My N500k Per Month Income Plan

It was written by one of the brilliant business minds in this country.

It was written by Nigeria’s top internet expert – Toyin Omotoso

It is a testimonial from one of his students.

It blessed me so much that I decided to share it with as many people as possible because this type of information might just be what will transform someone’s life

Enjoy it



NEW POST: My N500k Per Month Income Plan


In 2016, I finished my NYSC and got a job in Lagos as a mechanical engineer

But after 7 months into the job, I resigned.

The company started me with a salary of N25,000 as a trainee

They said they will increase it after I become a full staff in 6 months

When I became a full staff in 6 months, they increased the salary to just N60,000

So, after an extra month, I left the place because I couldn’t see how N60,000 would help me live well on Lagos where everything is expensive.

The first thing I did after I resigned was to write out a list of what I would need to live well in Lagos.

I got this idea of breaking down your target income like this

So, I wrote down the following expenses based on a daily basis.

With that I would know how much I needed to make per month.

The list went like this:

– 2 bedroom flat in Lekki – (N600,000/year or N1,645 daily)

– Toyota Camry 2006 – N1.8million or N4,930 daily

– Food and Domestics – N3,000 daily

– Wardrobe – N45k/month or N1500 daily

– Internet connection – N15k/month or N500 daily

– Fuel (petrol and gas) – N1000 daily

– DSTV – N15k/month or N500 daily

– Savings – N3,000 daily


TOTAL – N16,075 daily


That meant I needed an income flow of approximately N500,000 a month

I had already saved N100,000 from my old job.

And I have been trying some online businesses.

Eventually, I set up a new online business that gave me an income of N300,000 at the start.

After 2 months of starting the online business, I put in more effort into it and moved my monthly income to N500,000 a month.

The interesting part is that it only took me N30,000 and 3 weeks to start this new business from my Uncle’s house on the Lagos mainland.

This new business was successful because I followed a simple and proven business blueprint

This is how the business works:

You use social media and Whatsapp to recommend products by other businesses to people and when they buy, you get paid a hefty commission

Ever since I shared this story at my church, many people have been asking me to show them how this online blueprint works.

Here is the same video training that explains how to setup this online business step by step.

And the training is free.

Get it here => HERE

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