How to QUICKLY start a PROFITABLE Business Using OPM

In this post, I share how to QUICKLY start a PROFITABLE Business Using OPM


Before I go ahead, I need you know that OPM = Other Peoples Money

How to QUICKLY start a PROFITABLE Business Using OPM

And in the headline QUICKLY & PROFITABLE are written in Caps.

So, before I go ahead to talk about how to use OPM (other peoples money)

Let’s look at a profitable business one can start quickly.

Well there is a list

  1. Freelancing

This one doesnt require much to start. If you got one of the highly nodemand skill you can start making some few money.

But I believe this isnt too profitable as you will need to have some few high-paying clients who will keep giving you jobs to do

Here is a list of some of the skills you can learn to start freelancing.

  • copywritting
  • coding
  • video editing
  • Online marketer
  • programmer
  • social media manager (expert)

And many more like that sha

  1. Information Marketing

IM for short

This one is very profitable. But it abit difficult to start

Here is why:

First, you need to check out for an hungry market to sell to

Then pick a topic out of the Ninche

Here is a list of some of the huge hungry market you can sell to

  • Dating
  • Sex
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Business
  • Marriage
  • Parenting
  • Travelling

To do this, you can look for a problem people in this category are facing and then provide solution to it.

That information should be a solution to their problem

And you can package it, in video format or ebook

For instance, say you want to target the business ninche.

I will suggest you target a segmented audience from that market. Because it a very big one

People who run business have different problems

Some got loan problems

Some tax issues

Some advertising problems

For me, I will just jejely create an information to help those who got advertising issues.

Now you dont have to sell to all the people in the business advertising marketing.

You can still narrow it down to Facebook advertisers, Youtube, Instagram or GDN

You can create an information titled: The NO-FAIL Facebook Advertising Strategy

This report can easily be priced at N25,000 if you create a nice sales funnel for it.

A funnel like this one:

ADS – Presell – Optin – VSL (with enough proofs and irresistible offers)

But then make sure that what you are selling works sha. Dont sell junks. It wont last before it backfires.

Just like I said, this business model is very profitable but then it requires a lot of hardwork to start.

But once it fully set up. You will start to make money on autopilot.

In my next post tomorrow, I will share a FREE video training with you on how to start it, in case you have interest in running it. Stay tuned

Anyway, lets move to the next one.

  1. Affiliate Marketing.

I love this one for two things.

It’s easy to start & It’s very profitable

Here is where you sell products that doesnt belong to you for a commission

If you must do this, I will advice selling digital products because they are stressfree and offer more commission than physical products.

This business model requires few work as many of the jobs must have been done by the vendor (the product owner) and the affiliate platform you are using.

To start this one

  • You dont need an office
  • You dont need to own a product
  • You dont need to crack your brain putting up a sales page for the product
  • You dont need to hire any staff or assistance either.

All you need is a good selling system to sell the products and you pocket in your commission

This business model is better when you run it through a trusted affiliate platform

Here is why:

You can trust them with your commissions and you can select different products to sell

If you try to sell product A and it doesnt work out. Dump it and move to product B

It’s damn profitable.

The first time I ran this business model was on Jvzoo, and I made over $527 in a single week selling on JVZOO before I moved to clickbank and before they stopped allowing Nigerians (long story sha)

Talking about the profit in this business.

How to QUICKLY start a PROFITABLE Business Using OPM

One of the Trusted and reliable affiliate marketing products offers N17,500 commission per product sale

If you sell 10pcs of that product a week.

It means you are making N175,000

N175,000 X 4 weeks = N700,000 a month

Thats a lot of money there.

And just like I said there are many product for you that you can choose to sell.

If you need to start this business right away, I recommend you spare some few time to go through a special video training to help you kick start.


Now that I have given you 3 profitable business models you can start.

Let’s now talk about how you can use OPM to start them

OPM = other peoples money

Truth is, not everyone can use this depending on the type of friends they keep and how they are viewed by their friends and relatives.

To use OPM.

It’s simple.

Look for a great business idea. You can pick from any of the 3 business models that I mentioned above.

I will advice you pick business model number 3 (affiliate marketing) anyway.

Then you meet up with some of your rich trusted friends or relatives and share the business model with them

And ask them to invest some amount of money to get back some amount of money within a period of time.

I could call some of my friends and ask them to invest 100k to make back 200k in 2months or less

Explain the risk verbally and in an written signed agreements too to avoid misunderstanding in future.

You got be clear with the business model and be transparent too

And you gotta becareful when you finally get funds from your investor.

  1. Dont spend their money on personal issues aside what you both agreed on
  2. Dont put all the money in an advert except it has proven to be a successful one
  3. Meet up with your promises to your investor so you dont tanish your reputation

I hope this helped.

PS: business model number 3 (affiliate marketing) is the best.

But then you need to get trained to make real money from it.

I recommend you go through this training if you want to start: CLICK HERE TO WATCH NOW

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