The 3 Mistakes Most Nigerians Make When Starting A Business & How To Avoid It Easily!

In this post, I share The 3 Mistakes Most Nigerians Make When Starting A Business & How To Avoid It Easily!

Things are falling apart ….

It seems the Government is doing almost nothing to help out here.

The economy is getting too harsh for the masses. The high cost of living is killing and our job / handiwork is not meeting up to its expectation. 

The bills are piling up and after paying them up, we are left with almost nothing to keep as savings. 

It is very frustrating.

If this is exactly how you feel, I understand that it can be really frustrating. 

Your mind tells you; “You Need To Start A Business, Either Full Time Or Part – Time Business That Would Add Extra Money To You”

However, you might be still dragging your feet to make this work, either because you are scared of losing your money to something you know little about, or you are too comfortable with the little you are having, thinking that it would become better very soon.

But, I’m giving you this simple but very Urgent advice; START A BUSINESS RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

However, most businesses end up failing woefully. 

Infact, record has it that most businesses started in Nigeria fail in the first 1 – 3 years of their operations. 

This can be really disheartening, especially if one invests most of his savings in it.

You might have done proper planning, good management, focused on making it work and the likes of it. 

However, I stand to tell you today, none of these are really the reasons why these businesses fail. 

I personally have failed in so many businesses myself and I know what works or not.

So what are the reasons why they fail?

Our Mistakes.

That is the genesis of where everything goes wrong my friend. 

Most people start the wrong kind of business from the get go. 

Each minute they spend working on the wrong business opportunity, that is time wasting away. And as they say, time is money. 

Also they burn useful energy in unprofitable ventures. They work and work and work, but get very little returns. 

Then they go read some motivational books which tells them … 

Don’t’ give Up! 

Stay Strong! 

You Will Make It Soon! 

To me, I think that is total waste of tim

It is like telling a Eagle To Swim In A Swimming Pool. My friend, no matter the miracle, it wont work. Eagles are created for the air, not the water.

To succeed in business, these 3 mistakes I’m sharing here, has to be avoided

Here Are The 3 Mistakes Most Nigerians Make When Starting A Business…

Here are 3 biggest mistakes most Nigerians make when selecting a business opportunity

Mistake 1:

Looking For Do – It – For – Me Investment

This is a NO NO 

There are tons of Nigerians who have fallen victim to these lazy money making programs. 

I have been asked by people who want to invest in this kind of business. And no matter how sweet it looks, my answer has always been …

…”that is not a good idea, that is a Do-It-For-Me approach and all you’re going to get from it is failure, ….  You’ll wake up one day only to find that they have simply taken your money and disappeared.”

And Im also telling you right now, don’t do it at all if you have been presented with one. 

Mistake Number 2: 

Trying To Do Too Many Business At The Same Time

I know you have definitely heard the saying that goes; 

‘Do NOT Put All Your Eggs In ONE Basket!’

I personally feel this saying doesn’t apply in business. Please don’t take it personally if you live your life by that code.

When most people want to bring in more income into their lives, what do they do?

They try to start MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME ALL AT ONCE, which is not putting all their eggs in one basket to say.

They want to sell recharge cards, start importing from China, start an oil and gas business, venture into transportation, and tons of business ideas that come their way.

That is the fastest way to failure and bankruptcy.

If you really want to build a profitable business and make money on a steady basis, focus on one business idea that will give you the highest returns for the least effort.

Think about this for a second …

… if a hunter wants to kill a bushmeat for food and he sees 3 of them together, will he use his gun, trying to kill the 3 at once or will he focus on one of the birds and shoot it with 100% accuracy?

Business too is like that.

When you choose the right business income system and focus on it, you can build it up rapidly, like I did.

Mistake 3:

Most Businesses Are Becoming Oversaturated.

As Nigerians that we are, once any business becomes popular and makes the owner good amount of cash, every Akpan, Bode & Jamiu wants to do that same business.

For instance, take a good look at the Mini Importation business. 

The moment it became popular and a profitable venture, everyone, including their Grandmother, wants to become mini-importers.

And with over saturation comes over competition thereby causing too many people fighting for customers with low pricing of their products.

For instance, there was once a time where Uk Used Blackberry Bold 5 was close to N50,000, but now due to over saturation, this phone can be purchased for as low as N10,000, if not less.

See what I mean?

So whether you compile a well developed business plan or have the best state of the art facilities, if there is over saturation, I’m sorry my friend, that business is doomed to failure.

So I have just shared with you, 3 underlying reasons that really make businesses fail.

Here’s My Advice to You:

Try to avoid these 3 Mistakes and not only will you start a profitable business, you’ll be enjoying the proceeds from it, for a long time to come.

But I know this question is lingering in your mind right now. 

Take A Look At It if I’m right;

“How Can I Find, Identify And Start A Really Profitable Business In Nigeria That Would Not Fail?”

If that is the question in your mind right now, then don’t worry. I will reveal a business model I use personally

Of all the business model available, the one I will highly recommend for anyone, is Selling Other Peoples Product As An Affiliate (aka Affiliate Marketing)

And the reason is that, with it, you don’t need to create any product, you don’t need to import anything, no need for complicated stuff.

All you need to do is, simply recommend the product of your choice and get paid commissions for every sale made through you.

However, as easy as this, lots of people still complicate it, especially the gurus.

But I have a super resource that will help you to build your own affiliate marketing business even if you don’t know where to begin.

To get access to this right now, click HERE to fill the form so that I can send it to you

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