What is baby fat and when do you lose it?

What is baby fat and when do you lose it?

What is baby fat and when do you lose it?

Question About Baby Fat ANSWERED!

What I’m about to say, you won’t find anywhere
else online…

So what is baby fat and when do you lose it

In fact you probably won’t find it in any diet
book either…

This is the MAIN question I get from my female
clients, so
I really want to help you out with this problem…


“Hello! Ever since I had my baby, I haven’t
been able to Lôse the fat around my belly, I think
I’ve tried every diet and workout program out there.
Do you have any tips for getting rid of this?”

ANSWER: Great question!

This is the plan I’ve used for women who are in their
30’s, 40’s and 50’s that have problems getting
rid of their belly fat…

And this works especially well if you’ve ever
had kids
and can’t seem to get the body back that
you used to have. First things first…

You MUST cut the processed foods out of
your diet.

I can’t stress this enough. If I could paste
this on your
forehead so you would see it in the mirror
every morning then I would.

Belly fat that won’t budge is the cause of crappy foods
that mess up your hormones and cause you to store
fat deposits in and around your midsection.

Think about it this way for a second…

Our ancient ancestors who lived in the hunter-gatherer
society were NEVER fat.


If you took 100 women from the hunter-gatherer years
I bet 97 of them would be in great shape.

And why is this?

It’s because they didn’t eat any of the processed crap
that we eat today.

Their diet consisted of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats,
fish and then nuts & seeds.

The BIG key here is that they didn’t have any of the
processed ingredients in their food like we do today…

And the two foods that cause women to store the most
amount of fat around their midsection are…

-> Starchy foods and Sugar

I really can’t emphasize this enough for you.

If you were to cut down the starchy foods & sugar
from your diet, you would EASILY Lôse 5kg of belly fat
in the next 10-14 days.

The biggest culprits when it comes to these foods

-> bread, cereals, soda, and too much quantity
of starchy foods.

These foods specifically cause you to store fat around
your midsection!

Now if you’re a big eater of these kinds of foods
you’ll need to find something to replace them at least
for the first 30 days before resuming with very small


So for breakfast you should try something veggies juice,
banana,lemon and Orange juice
or Pineapple juice will do.

And for lunch, instead of a sandwich or burger from
you should go for something with protein that will
help your fat burning.

My favorite is the grilled chicken salad with
tomatoes, cucumbers.

This simple salad is delicious, and will actually encourage
your belly to burn fat – and on top of that if you ditch the
starchy foods & sugar… your fat burning will go through
the roof!

Give it a REAL honest effort for 2 weeks. Cut down on
starchy foods, cut out sugar completely from your diets.

Make sure you read labels – and stick to REAL,
natural foods.

It’s pretty easy to do, and I know you can do it…


If you’re interested in accelerating your
fat burning and burning
even more fat (up to 15kg of belly fat in
just a few weeks)

I recommend you add in my simple 15 minutes
workouts as well…

These workouts are specifically designed to
FIRE your metabolism
which will actually help you to burn up to 9
times more belly
fat than traditional cardio exercise like
jogging and running would.

It’s true.

These little known exercises take less than
15 minutes, yet they
burn up to 9 times more fat than any
treadmill run or jogging around your block.

And if you want to get my fool proof plan
for Lôsing as much
as 15kg of belly fat in just 30 days, then check
out the website below…


Right now there are countless women
all over the world who
are using this same principle to get the
best body of their lives in just a few weeks…

And they’re doing it without starving themselves,
boring cardio workouts and without using
dangerous diet pills and drugs.

Grab the complete 30 days workout plan
on nutrition from the link below.


To your health.

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