Why Excess Abdominal Fat Is Deadly (Part 1)

Why Excess Abdominal Fat Is Deadly (Part 1)

I will be sharing Why Excess Abdominal Fat Is Deadly

Do you know that the vast majority
of people in this day and age have excess abdominal fat?

The first thing that most people
think of is that their
extra abdominal fat is simply ugly,
is covering up their
abs from being visible, and makes them
self-conscious about showing off their body.

Why Excess Abdominal Fat Is Deadly (Part 1)

However, what most people don’t realize
is that excess abdominal fat in particular,
is not only ugly, but is also
a dangerous risk factor to your health.

Scientific research has clearly determined
that although it is unhealthy in general
to have excess body fat throughout
your body, it is also particularly
dangerous to have excess abdominal fat.

There are two types of fat that you have
in your abdominal area.
The first type that covers up your abs
from being visible is
called subcutaneous fat and lies
directly beneath the skin
and on top of the abdominal muscles.

The second type of fat that you have
in your abdominal area
is called visceral fat, and that
lies deeper in the abdomen
beneath your muscle and surrounding
your organs.

Visceral fat also plays a role in
giving certain men that
“beer belly” appearance where their
abdomen protrudes excessively
but at the same time, also feels
sort of hard if you push on it.

Both subcutaneous fat and visceral
fat in the abdominal area
are serious health risk factors,
but science has shown that having
excessive visceral fat is even more
dangerous than subcutaneous fat.

Both of them greatly increase your
risk of developing heart disease,
diabetes, high blood pressure,
stroke, sleep apnea, various forms
of cancer, and other degenerative diseases.

Part of the reason visceral fat is
particularly dangerous is that
it apparently releases more
inflammatory molecules into your body
on a consistent basis.

If you care about the quality of your
life and your loved ones,
reducing your abdominal fat should
be one of your TOP priorities!

There’s just no way around it. Besides,
a side effect of finally
getting rid of all of that excessive
ugly abdominal fat is that
your stomach will flatten out,
and if you Lôse enough stomach fat,
you will be able to visibly see
those sexy six pack abs that
everyone wants.

So the question is what gets rid
of extra abdominal fat?

The first thing you must understand
is that there is absolutely
NO quick fix solution. There
are no pills or supplements of any
sort that will help you Lôse your
abdominal fat faster. Also,
none of the gimmicky ab rockers,
rollers, or ab belts will help
get rid of abdominal fat either.

You can’t spot reduce your stomach
fat by using any of these
worthless solutions. It simply
doesn’t work that way.

The only solution to consistently
Lôse your abdominal fat and
keep it off for good is to combine
a sound strategic nutritious
diet full of unprocessed natural
foods with a properly designed
exercise program that stimulates
the necessary hormonal and
metabolic response within your body.

Both your food intake as well as
your training program are
important if you are to get this right.

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In the next few days, I will send
you the second part of this
newsletter on the dangers of
having a pot belly.

Till then, remain blessed.


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